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Trash The Dress Inspiration | Florida Beach and Ocean Trash The Dress Photo Shoot | Vermont Bride Magazine

Clint and Bonnie, a newly wedded couple, drove straight from Idaho all the way down to Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Park in Florida to have this amazingly gorgeous trash the dress photo shoot with Our Day Wedding Photography. With the sandy beach, foamy waves, and a stunning sunset - this was an truly magical location to have fun and let loose for some great photos. Here are some words from the Bride; “My husband & I fell in love a little more, after an evening on the beach, smiling, kissing, staring into each others eyes, holding stunts and kisses that made us laugh, all while our amazing moments where being captured, to be memories we’d cherish forever.” Her advice; "While being photographed at the sea shore, don’t seek for perfection, relax & enjoy each other and your beautiful surroundings. The rest will fall into place, the wind will tangle your hair, into a tousled mess, the sand will cover your toes, your handsome husband will get a slight workout as he holds you tight in his arms above the waves, & it’s possible your fourteen hundred dollar dress may get wet. Yet it’s all worth the beauty, the love felt & the memory made."

Trash The Dress Inspiration | Florida Beach and Ocean Trash The Dress Photo Shoot | Vermont Bride Magazine


Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

When Lisa and Andrew first met as co-workers they developed a major crush one each other that eventually led to a first date involving a ride on Andrew's motorcycle. Since Andrew had grown up in Vermont and Lisa had lived there for six years they knew it was where they wanted to have their wedding. Read on to hear more from Lisa about their love story and how they planned their special day:

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Lisa & Andrew Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Fall Vermont Wedding in a Barn | Lang Farm Barn Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine


How and where did you meet? We met when we were both working at Wake Robin in Shelburne. When we first met it felt like love in the 6th grade - having a major crush on someone without knowing a single thing about one another and hardly speaking to one another. When Andrew drove his white motorcycle in to work that sealed the deal. I begged Andrew daily - and I mean daily - to take me for a ride. Once I acquired a helmet he finally did. A couple weeks later we went on our first date after work on that motorcycle to a beach in Charlotte. That date lasted over five hours. I remember being pulled over by security driving back in to Wake Robin it was so late - I had left my car there. Our relationship grew from there. Andrew's mother talked about getting ourselves photographed on that bike when we became engaged.

What was the proposal like? I had a feeling Andrew was going to propose. I didn't want to get my hopes up but I did search the house for the ring a couple weeks prior. I really hate surprises and secrets. He gets so nervous about things that it was easy to tell something was up. Little did I know the ring was in his coat that I was wearing to take the dog out. He proposed on the way to dinner, the day before Thanksgiving, so I could see and talk to my family afterwards.

Why did you choose Vermont for your wedding? Andrew grew up in Burlington, myself Connecticut. It was a no brainer. When we got engaged I had lived here for six years and only my immediate family and close friends had visited. I was so excited to have the rest of my extended family come see why I stayed in Vermont. Vermont in October was the only cookie-cutter thing about our wedding I was okay with. Fall is my favorite season. Who could pass up Vermont in October?!? And the day of was perfect. A little windy but 64 degrees and sunny during peak foliage. I envied everyone who drove up here for the weekend and got to witness the miles and miles of foliage. 

How did you choose your venue? It was so hard to find a venue that we liked available 11 months out - especially for an October wedding. Lang Farm had one of the only openings with my seal of approval. But we couldn't have been happier with the Garden Barn. I couldn't have imagined our wedding anywhere else now, especially with an antique shop steps from our wedding - the vintage feel was part of our theme. It wasn't actually a "barn" which made me SO happy because I didn't want that. The floor was copper - it matched my color scheme! Too many Vermont weddings happen in barns but without any heat or AC - or plumbing. Im not that rustic!

What was your theme/color palette? It was a vintage/boho/glam mixup with personal touches - such as leopard print - mixed in. Dark green and raspberry were the colors that were incorporated into our invitations and smaller details (Andrew's suit HAD to be dark green) but we had more metallics than anything. Gold, silver, copper, rose gold, etc.

What was your favorite detail from your wedding? OMG, too many to choose from! I DIYed anything that was DIYable - I had dream catchers that I made scattered throughout the space. I was obsessed with my bouquet that my mother-in-law made that had tassels I found from a vintage marketplace. I couldn't believe my mother and I found over 100 different gold water glasses from thrift stores. But what I think I was happiest with was my wedding party. It was so important that they weren't matchy-matchy, that no one had to break the bank to obtain their outfit, and that they weren't too done-up or formal. More than one member of our party got their outfit from a second-hand shop and/or wore items from their own (and my own) closet. But it was crucial to me that everyone looked cohesive and fit the vibe we were going for. I spent a lot of time pulling all their outfits together - who knew there were so many pocket squares to choose from?? But it was so worth the effort. They all looked incredible.

How did your wedding reflect your relationship as a couple? It was important that our wedding wasn't one that could easily be replicated. As a couple, Andrew and I don't necessarily want to be the first ones noticed in a crowd but we definitely like having a one-of-kind style. We also believe that if you can't find exactly what you want you can always make it. Everything about my wedding attire had a personal touch. I sewed hand-made details to my dress and shoes and my veil was custom-made by my mother and myself. My dress (not a traditional wedding gown) was a color I couldn't find in any bridal store so my mother suggested we make my veil and we happened to find the perfect color of lace in a fabric store. My mother and I had so much fun planning. Andrew was so determined to have the perfect green suit that he almost had one made for him by a friend. When discussing caterers he even suggested catering the wedding himself when we couldn't decided on food (He's co-owner of Drifter's in Burlington but I'm so glad we didn't go that route). He settled for making my favorite dessert rather than a cake or cupcakes (pumpkin pie) and provided food for our rehearsal dinner that we had at the house my family rented for the weekend. I even drew, designed, assembled, hand-wrote and painted on all our wedding invitations/envelopes. We love projects and being creative even if Andrew won't readily admit it (because projects get frustrating sometimes!)

What were some of your favorite moments? Having almost all our aunts, uncles, cousins and old friends there for our wedding was by far the best experience. We had people travel from ten different states come to our wedding! Which is a lot considering our wedding wasn't very large. As time goes on you're not as close with some people as you were growing up but having everyone come together for big life moments has been fun the older we're getting. An old friend of Andrews who flew up from Florida even went through the process to be our officiant. We also got a kick out of having the "Wake Robin crew" there: our old coworkers who witnessed the beginnings of our relationship.

What advice would you give other couples planning their wedding? If you want to DIY things for your wedding give yourself plenty of time so you don't burn out. I mean PLENTY. I spent months on my invitations, not only because I didn't want to wait until the last minute but they were important to me and I wanted to enjoy the process of making them. If you're feeling stressed about the details, (such as I was) remember you will not get to experience your wedding as your guests do, which sucks because you're planning mostly everything for them. With that in mind, know you're the only one who will see the appetizers got put in the "wrong" spot. It's not as big of a deal as it might feel. Most importantly, the day of, let everything go. Relinquish control, know there's nothing more you can do, relax. Remember why you went through all the planning in the first place. Because you're getting married and you want to celebrate and have fun! One of my cousins noted how calm I was the morning of the wedding and I told her I got all my stress out the day before (it was awful, I was such a wreck I thought I was going to explode). I had no more energy for stress the day of. I just wanted to enjoy the day. So have fun! 

I loved looking through Vermont Bride Magazine when I first started planning everything! It was great to find inspiration from real weddings and to see what services/vendors were available in my area. 

featured professionals | VENUE: The Barn at Lang Farm // WEDDING OFFICIANT: Linsley Oaks // PHOTOGRAPHER: Colette Kulig Photographry // CATERER: Southern Smoke Catering // FLORIST: Valerie Ryan // DJ & PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL: VT Party Starters // INVITATIONS: Lisa Ryan // CAKE: Drifters Cafe and Bar // WEDDING GOWN DESIGNER: Amsale // WEDDING GOWN STORE: Bloomingdales // ALTERATIONS: Sewly Tailoring // BRIDESMAID DRESSES: ASOS, Mod Cloth // GROOM’S FORMAL WEAR: Grand Frank // GROOMSMEN’S FORMAL WEAR: // JEWELRY: // HAIR STYLIST: Karin Stevenson, Envision Salon // MAKEUP ARTIST: Lisa Ryan // TRANSPORTATION: Burlington Limo & Car Service // LIGHTING: Samuel Millett // DRINKS: Fluid Bar Service