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Rustic Fall Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

It's hard to believe that fall is just around the corner, but soon the leaves of the green mountains will start to explode in vibrant shades or red, orange, and yellow. Autumn in Vermont is truly one of the most beautiful sights, so it is no wonder that many couples choose this time of year to have their wedding. Rustic red barns, exposed beams, candles, and festive pumpkins are just some of the elements that make this fall wedding the perfect inspiration for foliage season.

Laura and Jeremy used lanterns and votive candles to add warmth to the chilly September air, and the color palette of burnt orange, sage green, and apple red brightened the rustic, barn venue. Chinese lanterns lifting off at the end of the evening were a festive and unique alternative to the more summery sparkler send-off.

Laura and Jeremy | Rustic Fall Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Sewly Yours Bridal Salon | Vermont Bride Magazine

Sewly Yours Bridal was a fixture on Church Street in downtown Burlington for over 20 years, delighting and enchanting brides (and every little girl that walked by the windows) with their exquisite selection of vintage and modern-day gowns and accessories. This past year owner, Debbie Wells, decided to close up the shop on Church Street and open a more intimate studio on her property in Milton. Tucked away among her colorful gardens, Debbie's new space gives her the peace and creative flow she yearned for during the many years on a bustling downtown marketplace. We spoke with Debbie about the transition, what it has meant for her business, and what the new studio space is like.

How long has Sewly Yours been in business? I helped my first bride 34 years ago - in 1981.  Officially became "Sewly Yours" in 1992

What is the story of how you became a seamstress and bridal gown boutique owner? I grew up a "Navy-brat" and moved very often growing up.  When we were close enough to visit Vermont, spend my school vacations visiting my grandmother and great-grandmother here.  I was obsessed with their crafting and sewing, and they were endlessly patient with me.  I made all my own clothes through school and very early started sewing for friends.  A very dear, and still a best friend, refused to "let" me continue sewing for free and insisted on paying me!  Through shopping in a local fabric store, became well acquainted with the owners and staff, and started making display dresses for the store and gained referrals for work, including local bridal salons that need seamstresses for alterations.  In the early 90's opened my first retail boutique, featuring my own designs, restored vintage gowns from my collection and a small selection of designer gowns.  In 2001 had the opportunity to move downstairs into my former location on the corner of Church and Pearl Street.

Sewly Yours Bridal Salon | Vermont Made Wedding Gowns | Vermont Bride Magazine

Pets In Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

You want to celebrate your wedding day with all your loved ones – but what about your four-legged loves? Including your dog on your wedding is a wonderfully sentimental idea, but should be approached with careful thought and consideration. Does your dog do well with crowds? Will it be a hot day with little shade? Are they well-behaved? Are you getting married next to water and they love to swim? Are you willing to be flexible if your wedding doesn’t go perfectly? I ask because I’ve seen a ring-bearer-dog decide to take a number two in the middle of the ceremony. I’ve seen pups barking throughout a ceremony, and tiny guest-dogs hop on a dinner table, and a great dane put his paws on the cake table. Pets are great, but they’re also unpredictable.

Pets In Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

That being said, it is your day, and you should do what – that will make both you and your pets the happiest. If you do decide to include your dogs, I highly recommend a designated wrangler to take care of potty breaks, water, and shade throughout the day. Practicing a walk down the aisle a few times might be a good idea too.

Including Pets In Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

Loft Wedding Inspiration | Modern Urban Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

With a laid-back, urban vibe and industrial feel, hosting your wedding in a loft style space can be the perfect way to acheive a modern, casual-chic theme. The bare bones architectural details of a loft are the perfect blank canvas for you to style and decorate in a million different ways. From a minimilist, all white pallette, to more intricate installations of flowering vines and hundreds of candles - it is open to your interpretation and inspiration.

Loft Wedding Inspiration | Modern Urban Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

Loft Wedding Inspiration | Modern Urban Weddings | Vermont Bride MagazineFeatured Professionals: Photography: The Light + Color Photography | Floral Design: The Village Green Florist Weddings and Events | Wedding Gown: Fiori Bridal Boutique | Makeup: Jennifer Perellie Makeup | Hair Styling: Brittany Degree from Bridge Street Hair | Food: Pingala Cafe | Location: Laughing River Yoga Studio

In the Summer 2015 Lookbook, we feature a light and airy styled photo shoot showcasing bright yellows, vibrant greens, and a concrete block centerpiece. Fun vintage furniture is placed for lounging and drinking, and the bright white accents shower the space with light and warmth. But this is certainly not the only direction you can take for loft decor. We gathered together some of our favorite inspiration from all over to show a few other options in loft wedding style.

Lighting Inspiration For Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

A wedding trend I’ve seen become more popular in the past few years are sparklers, and even more recently, paper lanterns. These activities can add a bit of magic to your evening and make for great photo opportunities, but do require a bit of proper planning.

Lighting Inspiration For Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

Let’s think about the basics for a minute here. Sparklers and lanterns have fire. Are you planning to get married in a hay field in July when it hasn’t rained for a few weeks in drought conditions?  – All I am saying is just be mindful of Mother Nature, her drought conditions, and any potential flammable environment around you. Let’s not even get into how potentially flammable that pretty dress can be!

Lighting Inspiration For Weddings | Vermont Bride Magazine

GinaTim Main2

Gina and Tim frequently "get away from it all" at Gina's father's log cabin in the woods of Vermont, and they knew they wanted their friends and family to have that same feeling at their June wedding. Their whimsical, rustic celebration started with an intimate ceremony under a covered bridge. With the sound of the babbling brook beneath them, and those closest to their hearts around them, Gina and Tim exchanged "I dos". The elegant Hermitage Inn provided the perfect backdrop for the rest of the day's festivities. Here are some highlights from Gina;

GinaTim 1

Lookbook2015 Cover

The Winter 2015 edition of the Vermont Bride Lookbook is here! It is full of gorgeous, colorful inspiration for your wedding. Swoon over beautiful bouquets, luscious cakes, color and theme ideas, decorating details, and more. We have featured eight lovely real weddings that showcase some of Vermont's best venues, photographers, caterers, and florists. If you are still in need of vendors to provide you with one-of-a-kind, exemplary service, then look no further! The Lookbook has a comprehensive index of our preferred wedding professionals.

Download the Lookbook to view on your desktop, tablet, or phone, or browse online and share images or entire pages via Facebook, Pinterest, or email!


The winter landscape in Vermont can start to look a little monochrome after a while, with snow-covered mountains, trees, and the pale gray, cloudy sky that typically dominates from December through March. To cut through the stark white, we love the idea of using deep, rich jewel tones to add warmth and sparkle to a winter season wedding. Dark purples, reds, studded with glittering gold, are the perfect foil to the ice and frost.

Jewel 1

Jewel 2

Dark chocolate whoopie pies are a perfect match for delicate gold calligraphy. Lots of shiny, vintage decorations give tabletops luxurious charm and interest. The sage and lime greenery pairs nicely with the more saturated garnet and plum colored flowers. Strings of cafe lights hang as a backdrop and give the entire area a warm glow that will last well into the evening.

MorganKyle 1

Natural elegance was the theme for this light and fresh wedding, captured by Civic Photos. Morgan and Kyle were married under a vine covered pergola at the Tuscan Courtyards, in Texas City, as ribbons and candles swayed around them in the breeze. Lots of personal history could be found in the details, like the program which featured fun facts about the couple and their relationship. Each bridesmaid wore a different style of dress, befit their personality, which went perfectly with the laid back, casual feel the couple wanted to portray. It was the perfect blend of traditional, sophisticated decor and comfortable, home-spun ambiance.

MorganKyle 2

Lis Fall 1

These stunningly enchanting images, from Lis Photography, seem like they are straight out of a fairytale. From the majestic white horse to the cherub-cheeked flower girl, it feels like you have been transported back to another time. A time where prince charmings rescued damsels in distress and pricesses were transported through golden fields in horse drawn carriages. While gazing into the ethereal background, you half expect to see wood nymphs dancing around.

Lis Fall 2