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Traditional cake is not the only choice when it comes to dessert at your wedding. In fact, more times than not these days, we as wedding photographers are seeing trends in smaller bite-sized desserts and tables full of colorful candies, with take-home bags that can double as guest favors. The sweet-tooth in me just loves this trend, though I rarely get the time to indulge. Here are my top five favorite dessert trends right now:


Wedding Dessert Trends | Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream | Vermont Bride Magazine




Wedding Dessert Trends | Pie | Vermont Bride Magazine




Wedding Dessert Trends | Cookies & Milk | Vermont Bride Magazine




Wedding Dessert Trends | Candy Bars | Vermont Bride Magazine




Wedding Dessert Trends | Bite Size Dessert Barns and Mini Cupcakes | Vermont Bride Magazine


 all photos by Letter10 Creative

Hi! I’m Jamie – a photographer and designer at Letter10 CreativeA fourth-generation Vermonter, I’m inspired by Vermont’s natural beauty, laid-back lifestyle, food and people. When not documenting love stories, I’m a board member of The Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals, and Secretary for Vermont Professional Photographers. I enjoy teaching Zentangle, playing disc-golf and tasting my way around the world. My husband is also named Jaime, and I love that we get to photograph weddings together

A wedding is a true statement of the uniqueness of the couple, and these days anything goes, even down to the guest book. Years ago the tradition was to have a book for people to sign. We at Letter10 Creative offer customized guest books incorporating your engagement photos and pictures from your courtship, along with elements of your invitation so it matches your color scheme and style – a little more personalized than a plain-ole book.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

When my husband and I wed eight years ago we opted to go less traditional and do a polaroid album since we’re both photographers. We had guests take photos of each other, place them in an album and write a little note. We like to open it up every anniversary and giggle at the goofy-drinky faces, and see how much everyone has changed over the years. This same idea could also be used with a photo booth.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you prefer something to hang on your wall and admire every time you walk by, there are many options like matted photo frames, thumb-print  art pieces, and even plates to sign.

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

I just love anything homemade, and this memory quilt is no exception. What a wonderful item to pass on from generation to generation!

Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

Wedding hashtags have become ever more popular in the past few years, and are a great way to follow your guests’ posts on social media. 

For those of you not “in the know,” a hashtag is essentially a label for content, specifically twitter and instagram, as well pinterest, facebook, and . It is an easy way for others to search on a specific topic, and is a phrase or a few words with no spaces, followed by the # symbol. The current most popular hashtag on instagram at the time of writing this post, is #fashion, being used over 213,000,000 times and counting.  Other popular hashtags include #friends, and #smile.

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you choose to create a wedding hashtag for your special day, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Classic Consort | Vermont Wedding Music | Vermont Bride Magazine

Classic Consort has enhanced hundreds of gatherings with beautiful music. Only the finest professional musicians make up Classic Consort. They play regularly with the Vermont Symphony, the Vermont Mozart Festival, the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble and other ensembles.

Founder Bonnie Klimowski is experienced at bringing the beauty of classical music to venues of all kinds. Indoors or out, daytime or evening, Bonnie and her musical partners will blend seamlessly and professionally with your event to create a beautiful musical atmosphere. She will work closely with you to choose just the right music to complement your celebration or event. She will guide you through the process of selecting your music and provide you with helpful advice, based on years of professional experience.

Whether you are celebrating special friends, a special occasion, valuable clients or employees, Classic Consort can add the touch of elegance that makes memories. Here is what Bonnie had to say when we asked her some questions about her long career as a classical musician at weddings:

White Rocks Inn, Photo by Letter10 Creative

Probably one of the single most important decisions to make regarding your wedding, after the actual date, would be what venue to host it at. For those that have day-dreamed about their wedding day, and already started planning it pre-engagement, this may be an easy task - but for most it is a difficult decision. Often guest count and budget come into play when narrowing down the options, but also the type of venue is an important factor to consider. Vermont has many different styles of venues and locations to choose from and the number of choices can be overwhelming.

If you live in Vermont, starting with venues close by can be an obvious place to start. However, don't let distance discourage you from venturing out beyond your 'burb. Many venues offer on-site accommodations which can be well worth the cost as it eliminates the need for other expenses, such as transportation, and all of your guests can stay at the same place allowing the party to extend later into the night and the entire weekend. Plus you have the added benefit of discovering a new part of Vermont and avoiding having your wedding at the same venue as all of your friends.

Echo Lake Aquarium, Photo by Rodeo & Co.

With so many venues to pick from, it can be hard to decide, but there are some basic factors that should go into your decision: