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Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

Wedding hashtags have become ever more popular in the past few years, and are a great way to follow your guests’ posts on social media. 

For those of you not “in the know,” a hashtag is essentially a label for content, specifically twitter and instagram, as well pinterest, facebook, and . It is an easy way for others to search on a specific topic, and is a phrase or a few words with no spaces, followed by the # symbol. The current most popular hashtag on instagram at the time of writing this post, is #fashion, being used over 213,000,000 times and counting.  Other popular hashtags include #friends, and #smile.

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you choose to create a wedding hashtag for your special day, there are a few things to keep in mind:

•  Do your research. Make sure to create a hashtag unique to you, and look it up online. It is quite a bummer to create a generic hashtag only to have it used by others that are not your guests, or even know who you are. It will make your photo feed cluttered with images of people who are not you – what a bummer. As an example, the hashtag #HappilyEverAfter is adorable, but also used by thousands of other people. But #HappilyEverBrassard has never been used. Personalize it! Don’t be afraid to use puns, rhymes or alliteration, they’re fun and easier to remember.

•  Don’t over-complicate it. Using a hashtag that is way too long is less likely to be used by your guests. Also make sure it is easy to spell and easy to remember. I also recommend using capitalization for the ease of readability.

•  Make sure guests know to use the hashtag so you can see all their wonderful images. Make signage and place it at the ceremony, bar, cocktail hour and reception. You can even include it in your program if you want, on napkins, or on table markers. You can even ask your DJ to remind guests when they’re out dancing.

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine
All photos by Letter10 Creative

Of course, as with technology today, there are always down sides to using a hashtag. If you don’t want your images more easily searched by your guests followers, then you may want to rethink using a hashtag. 

If you are still overwhelmed with what the heck you should call your personalized hashtag, there are services that can help. There are hashtag generators online to help get you started, and there is even a service called WeddingHashtagWall (link to: where for a small fee you can broadcast your images at your wedding in real-time. Pretty cool if you’re into that sort of thing. While I’ve never used the service, if I had to get married again I would probably try it out. You must have an internet connection, a display or projector, and your guests must be posting to Instagram.

Still stumped? Here are a few basics to customize to get you started:











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