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Eleanore & Michael Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Elegant, French Country Wedding in Vermont | Vermont Bride Magazine

Michael chose the perfect time to propose to Eleonore, right before they were about to head home to Vermont to celebrate Christmas with their families. Before they left California, where they were both doing residencies at Stanford, Michael gave Eleonore a beautiful Tiffany necklace as an early Christmas present. When she turned around after putting it on he was waiting with the ring. Even though they were living in California at the time, the couple knew they wanted to have their wedding in Vermont where they had both grown up and their relationship had begun.

To read more of Eleonore and Michael's love story and to see more photos from their wedding be sure to pick up your copy of the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Vermont Bride magazine, now available for preorder here!

Eleanore & Michael Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Elegant, French Country Wedding in Vermont | Vermont Bride Magazine


Alyssa & Ryan Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Stratton Mountain Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Alyssa and Ryan's wedding on the top of Stratton Mountain was enveloped in a majestic mist that added a bit of mystery and romance to the ceremony. It ended up being one of their favorite aspects of their day, along with the butterfly that few over thier head during the ceremony, and the amazing spread of cannoli and cupcakes at their reception. Their wedding is one of our featured Love Stories in the newest issue of Vermont Bride magazine, available now for pre-order on our site and in newsstands throughout New England in the middle of June!


Abbie & Dan Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Romantic Wedding at The Ponds at Bolton Valley | Vermont Bride Magazine

Abbie and Dan met during their freshman year at Ithaca College in history class, where Abbie would sit next to Dan and nervously try to start conversations with him. It took a few years, but eventually Dan finally asked her out on a date and soon the pair were inseperable. After a year and eight months of long distance dating between Boston and New York City, Dan moved to Boston to be with Abbie. Their wedding at The Ponds at Bolton Valley was full of romantic, elegant flowers in shades of pink and cream, and loaded with gorgeous vintage details. You can read their entire Lobe Sotry and see more photos from their wedding in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Vermont Bride magazine, available for pre-order now on our website and available on newsstands throughout New England starting the second week of June.

Abbie & Dan Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Romantic Wedding at The Ponds at Bolton Valley | Vermont Bride Magazine


Stacy & Russ Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Intimate and Small Wedding at a Victorian Inn | Vermont Bride Magazine

Stacy and Russ knew they had something special from the moment they met at a local tea shop. They soon fell into a familiar and comfortable pattern of sharing their life and love together and eventually were married in a small, initimate wedding at Back Inn Time, a classy, Victorian inn in Saint Albans. Here is what Stacy shared with us about her and Russ' relationship and how they planned their wedding:

We met online, through a website called OK Cupid. The site gives you a ton of questions to answer and evaluate, and they use that data to help you identify people you might be compatible with. Russ messaged me one night, and we chatted for a while, and kept chatting for a few days after that. When we decided to meet up in person, I suggested we meet at Dobra Tea. It was close to home for me, so I could walk their easily, and it’s not too noisy or full of drunk people, so I figured it would be a place we could actually talk and get to know one another. We ended up drinking tea and talking to one another until they were closing the shop around us. On the way out, he asked if I would want to go out again, and actually made plans for later that week. At the risk of sounding like every cheesy love story ever told, I felt like that night was really the start of something special.

The first time I saw his apartment was a few weeks later, and I walked in, and immediately noticed that he had owls everywhere. I’ve been collecting (obsessed with) owl things for years, so it felt a little spooky, but in a good way. 


Megan & Charlie Real Vermont Wedding Inspiration | Rustic Outdoor Wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

Megan and Charlie met while attending college in Vermont and after a short stint in Mississippi, the couple returned to Vermont after becoming engaged. The Green Mountain State is where they saw themselves settling down, so it was the perfect place for them to celebrate their wedding. Here is what Megan told us about their special day

How and where did you meet? We met during college at Green Mountain.  We had a class together my first semester, and later became RAs at the same time in the fall semester of 2010.  We were scheduled for the same night of duty, and the rest is history!

What was the proposal like? We returned to Vermont after two years of living  in Mississippi.  That summer we took a two-day, one-night backpacking trip through the Presidential Range in the White Mountains (a trek Charlie had taken in high school with close friends).  The first day started with a summit of Mount Pierce, and ended at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut. The views were breathtaking, and weather wonderful. After dinner at the Hut, Charlie invited me to walk about and explore the lake with him. While taking a moment to sit down and enjoy the view on the granite and quartz rocks, Charlie asked me to marry him! I said yes! And then he pointed out the bird (later to be IDed as a blackpole warbler) that witnessed the whole thing and snapped a picture of it! With the clouds settling in thick, we carefully returned to the hut and enjoyed a bottle of Long Trail's Brush & Barrel Series Saison while we feveriously used identification guides to help us ID the bird. After breakfast we left an inscription in the Huts journal, snapped a quick picture and summited Mount Washington where we were able to get service to call our parents.  The day ended with a long trek back to civilization towards Mount Madison and down, just before exhaustion set in.